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The Revenue Edge was founded with the success of our clients in mind. Our team has a proven track record of success in multiple fields and intend to translate that experience into your company.

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We are a team of business professionals who have a mixture of both past and present business practices. Combining traditional business methods with the modern era of technology, The Revenue Edge is modern consulting



We become one of the best financial services providers. Our team has decades of experience working specifically with affluent individuals.
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Ivan Kuhn

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership, Ivan’s expertise and in-depth knowledge derives from several industries including telecommunications, food and beverage, industrial chemicals, and other fields.
As a prominent, successful sales professional, Ivan knows what factors will create and deliver results. He has led sales organization teams ranging from 5 to more than 85. In addition to sales and marketing, Ivan has headed sales engineering, project management, service delivery, customer support, and overall sales operations teams throughout his career.


Gabe Kuhn

Passionate and highly energetic. Gabe strives for knowledge and success each day, which has in the past, earned him positions with tech companies and other various leadership roles. He possesses a deep understanding of modern technology and how to properly utilize its capabilities to maximize a business' prosperity. As the Business Operations Manager, he knows what factors can drive a successful business in today's markets and how to fine tune an organization to produce favorable results. Gabe has a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from Friends University. In college, he was a student instructor in management, Director for the Student Led Investment Group and has won accolades such as the Friends U. 2019 Outstanding Man and All-American in Track & Field.

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We love photography! Our passion is to capture the wedding, moment or people in such a way that end result!
Marketing Manager
We love photography! Our passion is to capture the wedding, moment or people in such a way that end result!
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