Sales & Organization Services


Revenue Generating Packages

Business growth. simplified and bundled

Bronze Package

Cross Functional Team Efficiencies​

  • Detailed Department Audit
  • Precise Department Analyzation
  • Department Leader Consultations 
  • Development of Cross-Department Work Efficiencies
  • Implement Business Improvement Plan
  • Ongoing Coaching

Silver Package

Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing Team Audit
  • Modern Market Analysis 
  • Modern Lead Generating System
  • CRM Utilization & Effective Forecasting
  • Follow Up on Qualified Leads & How to Engage
  • Ongoing Coaching


Sales Success Path

  • Sales Audit
  • Cold Calling (A-Z)
  • Sales Activities (Results Focused)
  • CRM & Funnel Management 
  • Technology Tools 
  • Forecast Strategy
  • Ongoing Coaching

Platinum Package

Sales & Marketing All In

  • Sales & Marketing Audit
  • Lead Generation Sources
  • Funnel Management
  • Proven Sales Process
  • Closing Skills
  • Follow Up Process Closing Skills
  • Sales & Marketing Culture
  • Ongoing Coaching

Diamond Package

Guaranteed Revenue Growth

  • Concise All Teams Audit
  • Market Analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Repeatable Sales Process
  • Sales Management Strategy
  • Improve Salesperson Performance
  • Ongoing Coaching

Specialized Services

individual Solutions to enhance your organization

Operations Strategy Audit Across All Teams

  • Identify all sources for revenue and department efficiencies
  • Improvement options
  • Provide detailed report

Sales TEAM Tools For Success Plan

  • Coaching for Reps and Sales Management
    • One-On-One coaching for individual sales reps
    • Provide sales management techniques to get the most from sales organization
    • Sales team success system that both sales and management can flourish 

Lead generation/sales efficiency system

  • Methods of generating qualified leads and moving them to close
  • Coaching sales organization on proven networking system
  • CRM, Funnel management, maintaining “full funnel each month”

Sales Best Practices Audit​

  • Understanding current sales operations
  • Direct sales strategy
  • In-Direct sales strategy (If applicable)
  • Sales growth plan
  • Provide detailed report

Technology Resources Campaign

  • Detailed and Systematic Marketing/Advertising through technology

Telecom Service Auditing program

Maximize the value in your communications

Program Particularly Designed For Small-Medium Businesses , Education Institutions and Healthcare Industries

Communications Audit Across Company

  • Audit current communications services
  • Audit current pricing and contract terms
  • Provide detailed report on current services and suggested service plans

Procurement of Total Communications

  • Negotiate new communications package with current provider or new provider
  • Coordinate changes with current provider and new provider
  • Manage install timelines and coordinate between all parties

Manage Total Communications

  • Oversight of current contracts in place
  • Manage upgrades or changes needed in future
  • Provide scheduled review of communication services